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the lost knowledge of the ancients were humans the first - much of modern science was known in ancient times robots and computers were a reality long before the 1940 s the early bronze age inhabitants of the levant used computers in stone the greeks in the 2nd century bc invented an analogue computer known as the antikythera mechanism an ancient hindu book gives detailed instructions for the construction of an aircraft ages before the wright, lost incan city of machu picchu 100 years after discovery - early morning in wonderful machu picchu a pre columbian 15th century inca site located 2 430 meters 7 970 ft above sea level most archaeologists think machu picchu was built around ad 1400 as an estate for the inca emperor pachacuti and is often referred to as the lost city of the incas, the lost tomb of jesus wikipedia - the lost tomb of jesus is a documentary co produced and first broadcast on the discovery channel and vision tv in canada on march 4 2007 covering the discovery of the talpiot tomb it was directed by canadian documentary and film maker simcha jacobovici and produced by felix golubev and ric esther bienstock while james cameron served as executive producer, discovery sets egyptian archeological docuseries valley - discovery has given the green light to valley of the kings a docuseries which goes inside the first major excavation in egypt in a generation valley of the kings takes place at egypt s famed, lost cause of the confederacy wikipedia - the lost cause of the confederacy or simply the lost cause is an american historical negationist ideology that holds that despite losing the american civil war the cause of the confederacy was a just and heroic one the ideology endorses the supposed virtues of the antebellum south viewing the war as a struggle primarily for the southern way of life or states rights in the face of, learn about a lost city discovered in the honduran rain forest - an expedition to honduras has emerged from the jungle with dramatic news of the discovery of a mysterious culture s lost city never before explored the team was led to the remote uninhabited, machu picchu the sacred valley of the incas explore - welcome to rediscover machu picchu location rediscover machu picchu welcome home this old citadel was preserved under dense vegetation for roughly 500 years and is now open to visitors, nrc event notification report for december 11 2018 - lost then found troxler moisture density gauge the following was received from the state of illinois by email the licensee contacted the agency on 12 1 18 at approximately 1800 cst to report that a tornado had struck their portable gauge storage location at 1615 cst, a discovery of witches movie tie in by deborah harkness - deborah harkness is an american scholar and the 1 new york times bestselling author of a discovery of witches shadow of night the book of life time s convert and the world of all souls she is currently a professor of history at the university of southern california with a focus on european history and the history of science, lost and gone ibiblio - lost and found the irish jig the tune s name was applied when it resurfaced in a collection of recordings made by south county sligo fiddler michael coleman 1895 1945 in new york a year before his death, kumari kandam the lost continent the mysterious india - references of kumari kandam from some of the tamil literary sources according to silappadhikaram one of the five great epics of tamil literature written in 2nd century ce states that the cruel sea took the pandiyan s land part of which was present between the rivers pahruli and the mountainous banks of the kumari these rivers are said to have flowed in a now submerged land, inca discovery in peru south america g adventures - sample seafood in lima soak in the views and culture of the sacred valley conquer the inca trail to machu picchu learn ancient traditions at the g adventures supported women s weaving co op, archaeology answers about ancient civilizations indus - archaeology answers about ancient civilizations indus river valley ancient maps of the world ancient india civilizations ancient china civilization strange pictures dead men s secrets lost technology and more