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flexible bronchoscopy what you need to know drugs com - a flexible bronchoscopy is a procedure to look inside your respiratory system nose throat and lungs healthcare providers use a bronchoscope this is a soft tube with a light and camera on the end pictures of your respiratory system appear on a monitor during the procedure, interventional pulmonology types of procedures purpose - flexible bronchoscopy bronchoscopy is the most common interventional pulmonology procedure during bronchoscopy a doctor advances a flexible endoscope bronchoscope through a person s mouth or nose into the windpipe the doctor advances the bronchoscope through the airways in each lung checking for problems, flexible bronchoscopy children s hospital pittsburgh - before the flexible bronchoscopy the flexible bronchoscopy is usually done in an operating room or at children s hospital of pittsburgh the bronchoscopy may be done as an outpatient test through the hospital s same day surgery center or while your child is a patient in the hospital if your child is in an intensive care unit icu, bronchoscopy medlineplus medical encyclopedia - bronchoscopy the scope can be flexible or rigid a flexible scope is almost always used it is a tube less than one half inch 1 centimeter wide and about 2 feet 60 centimeters long in rare cases a rigid bronchoscope is used you will likely get medicines through a vein iv or intravenously to help you relax, flexible bronchoscopy airway endoscopy ats - flexible bronchoscopy bron kos ko pi is a visual exam of the breathing passages of the lungs called airways it is also called airway endoscopy this test is done when it is important for your doctor to see inside the airways of your lungs or to get samples of mucus or tissue from the lungs, bronchoscopy national heart lung and blood institute - bronchoscopy flexible bronchoscopy is more common than rigid bronchoscopy and flexible bronchoscopy usually does not require general anesthesia before the procedure you will be given medicine to relax you a liquid medicine also will be given to numb your nose and throat if you have low blood oxygen levels during the procedure, bronchoscopy procedure risks and recovery healthline - a bronchoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to examine your airways your doctor will thread an instrument called a bronchoscope through your nose or mouth and down your throat to reach your lungs the bronchoscope is made of a flexible fiber optic material and has a light source and a camera on the end, what is a bronchoscopy procedure and side effects - flexible bronchoscopy a flexible bronchoscope is a long thin tube that contains small clear fibers that transmit light images as the tube bends its flexibility allows this instrument to reach further points in an airway than rigid bronchoscopy the procedure can be performed easily and safely under local anesthesia